Why Are Retirement Communities Better Than Home Care?

Posted on 05/21/2021

When you or a loved one decides that it's time to start getting extra help for day-to-day activities, you'll have a few big decisions to make. One of these is whether you want to choose home care or assisted living in a retirement community.

There are pros and cons to both, but many people find that retirement communities are far better for their needs. A good luxury retirement community has benefits that far outweigh those of homecare.

If you're trying to make the right decision for you or your loved one, we want to offer you some advice. Keep reading to learn why retirement communities are the better choice for a retirement community vs. homecare.

Retirement Communities are Real Communities

When people get older, they tend to have fewer opportunities to socialize. Friends move away or become preoccupied with their own activities. Family members may not live in the area or maybe too busy with work or school.

Loneliness is a health epidemic, and seniors are often the most vulnerable victims.

Loneliness and social isolation may put you at a greater risk for physical health conditions, a greater risk for dementia, and a greater risk for mental health conditions, like depression or anxiety.

It's true that home care workers provide company and that many people do have a small group of local friends and family members, but assisted living is the way to go if you want a true community.

In retirement communities, you or your loved one will enjoy a legitimate community of seniors that live alongside one another. They can provide social groups, strong friendships, activities, and an overall more pleasant and relaxing lifestyle amongst friends.

Many people don't take the social aspect of retirement seriously, but it's one of the most important parts of someone's life. What good is retirement without people to enjoy it with? A senior community is a built-in community of new friends and neighbors.

Seniors Can Have Independence

For seniors who are no longer able to live alone, independence can be a big sore spot. While aging at home may seem like the more independent option, if someone needs substantial help or support, this isn't true.

When a senior has someone caring for them at home, they don't get as much alone time. They have to share their private space with someone else.

Homes may also not provide enough equipment for seniors who want to stay independent. For example, if there are too many stairs, someone who has developed mobility issues won't get around as easily.

With this in mind, comparing home care and retirement communities becomes easier.

A resort-style retirement community will allow independence. Even though there are workers around to check in on you, or even if you need extra help, seniors still get to do things for themselves without being under the watchful eyes of a stranger.

Transportation Is Easier

Many seniors opt to stop driving as they get older. They may not feel safe driving anymore or may not be interested in the stress of getting behind the wheel.

If this is the case, getting around becomes nearly impossible. Seniors have to rely on friends and family members, or expensive transportation services, to get where they need to go.

This further contributes to the isolation and independence problems.

In resort-style retirement communities, scheduled transportation is available to allow seniors to get where they need to go without asking a friend or paying a stranger for help.

Improved Safety

Many people hire homecare help because they're worried about their safety or the safety of their elderly loved ones. While homecare does help provide extra safety, it comes at the cost of independence, and it isn't foolproof.

If you don't have full-time care at home, there's still plenty of time to have a catastrophic fall or health emergency.

Falls are dangerous and sometimes lethal for older adults. Even when they aren't significant, they're scary. They're also preventable with the right care.

When you or your loved one lives in a retirement community, there are people around at all hours to make sure that everyone is okay. If there's a crisis, there will be someone there at a moment's notice.

This is also true for health emergencies. Because there are available healthcare professionals nearby, managing health problems is easier than it would be from home. A luxury assisted living community has more resources than the average home caregiver has, so they're better able to protect and provide for their residents.  

They Have Luxury Amenities

Do you have luxury amenities at home? Even the best caregiver can't turn your home into a 5-star resort, even if they're providing some level of care and comfort.

Luxury senior living communities are full of amenities for residents. You won't find all of these things in your own house. You can enjoy your retirement years in a resort-style retirement community, and home care can't compare with that.

Have you been missing social events and activities? At a luxury retirement community, you can take part in theme nights, parties, movie showings, event outings, and even live music. You can even share some of those events with friends and family members.

You can enjoy a dip in the pool or jacuzzi or a walk around the beautiful grounds.

While you're more than capable of cooking for yourself in your large kitchen, you can also go "out" to eat within your own community with great food and service.

Are you feeling sore or in need of a nice massage? Why not take a trip to an on-site spa? Can you get that when you're being cared for at home?

Options for an Active Lifestyle

When you opt to receive care at home, you don't have many opportunities for an active lifestyle. Active retirement is crucial for people who want to maintain their physical and mental health after being no longer tasked with their former responsibilities.

Staying fit and healthy in old age will help you maintain mobility, decrease pain, and lower your chances for serious health problems as you continue aging. Your age doesn't have to dictate your health!

At home, your options are limited. Unless you have a substantial amount of workout equipment, you won't get a well-rounded fitness experience. If you want to travel for your fitness needs, like a gym or class, the transportation problem emerges again.

At a luxury retirement community, you know that you're going to have access to fitness activities whenever you need them. From structured fitness classes to swimming laps in the pool, there are plenty of ways to keep your body moving and healthy.

Consistent and Continued Care

While aging at home might seem like the easiest way to have a smooth transition through old age, this is only true if you never need or want more help.

Homecare services provide some levels of care, but there comes a time where you may need to transition to a retirement community anyway. This means that it will be a more jarring change.

When you choose to live in a retirement community, as soon as you decide you need extra help, transitioning as your needs change is easy. You don't have to compound the stress of health issues on top of moving to a new location.

For example, many people start with independent living. They're able to have their own apartments and go about their lives as they would outside of the community.

If they decide that they need more help, the transition to assisted living is easy. Even if they need memory care in the future, those services are also available.

"Aging in place" is nice in theory, but is it a real option for most people who continue living at home?

A Variety of Caregivers and Services

When it comes to deciding between home care vs. a retirement community, you should also consider the caregivers.

Many caregivers who offer home care aren't as experienced as those who are in retirement communities. Even if they are experienced, each caregiver is only one person. They don't have the vast array of knowledge and experience that an entire team can provide.

Caregivers also aren't medical workers. At a retirement community, you have access to certified caregivers and nurses.

There's also the issue of personal preference. With a home care caregiver, you're going to be spending a lot of time with one person. If you don't get along, you're out of luck.

With a whole team of workers available to you, you don't have to spend too much time with any single person if you choose not to. There are plenty of friendly faces there to help, all with their own areas of expertise.

It's Time to Move to a Luxury Retirement Community

If you want to spend your retirement years living the dream, a luxury retirement community is an obvious answer.

Retirement communities have so much more to offer than homecare. You get luxury amenities, consistent care regardless of your changing needs, a new social community, and so much more.

You deserve to live in luxury.

If you're ready to find your new home, we want to talk to you! Contact us to learn more about our resort-style senior living community so you can start enjoying this new stage of your life.