What Is It Like to Live in an Active Retirement Community?

Posted on 12/10/2021

The best retirement communities give you the comforts of home with the perks of staying at a resort. You can enjoy more leisure time since most maintenance and other chores are provided by the community. Who wouldn't enjoy spending less time on home repair, housekeeping, and lawn care? Especially when it gives you more time to pursue interests, focus on wellness, and lead a rich social life.

An active retirement community offers many options. Your retirement life may be different from your neighbor's. Interested in seeing what that looks like? Let’s drop in on three residents of a luxury retirement community. These are fictional characters, but they illustrate just a few of the possibilities when you choose the right setting for your active retirement.

Living in an Active Retirement Community

Michael: Achieving Wellness

‌Michael is an early riser. He likes to go for a walk while the birds are singing. There are just a few others on the well-maintained path, but each turn brings something pretty to look at. Sometimes he listens to an audiobook. Sometimes he just soaks in the beauty.

Michael prepares a simple breakfast in his apartment. Afterward, he reads or meditates before he joins other residents in the game room. Although he’s a bit of an introvert, he knows that social isolation is not good for seniors. He enjoys playing cards and games with others in a low-stress environment.

Lunch is Michael’s biggest meal and his favorite. He chooses an on-site restaurant that offers lots of fruits and vegetables, sometimes with fresh seafood or lean cuts of meat. He knows the right foods can improve his physical and mental health.

After lunch, Michael has a short nap before going to class. He is a big believer in lifelong learning; his community offers classes and lectures on a variety of topics. He can always find something that interests him.

Sometimes Michael visits the swimming pool and does a few laps before a savory supper. Then it’s early to bed. Michael mentally goes over his next day before falling into a deep, restful slumber.

Robin: Leading an Active Social Life

Live in an Active Retirement Community


Robin was worried when her friends began relocating, some moving closer to their families. She was afraid she would be lonely. That’s why she looked at luxury retirement communities like LivGenerations. She knew the busy social calendar would help her meet others.

Robin likes to join her new friends for breakfast. Afterward, she goes back to her room, where she calls a family member or perhaps an old friend. She likes video chats because she can see their faces. She is grateful for the technology classes her community offers. They have made keeping in touch so much easier!

Soon it is time for her group exercise class. She meets a different set of friends at the fitness center. They enjoy music and a low-impact workout. Then it’s time for lunch. Robin has worked up quite an appetite, but she knows her favorite lunch spot will have foods that are satisfying and healthy.

Robin’s luxury retirement community is near shopping and restaurants. Often she and a friend have an afternoon outing. Her community provides transportation.

After shopping, they find a spot for an early dinner. Then it’s back to enjoy a glass of wine on the deck before going to bed.

James and Marianne: Making Married Life Better‌

James and Marianne have been married for many years. When they decided their big house was too much for them, they explored senior living options. They wanted independent living, but they knew that assisted living might be in their future. They decided that a luxury community like LivGenerations was perfect for them.

Meals are easy for James and Marianne because their community offers a variety of dining options. When James wants a steak and Marianne wants comfort food, both can have what they crave.

James has some health problems, but Marianne is comfortable, knowing that excellent medical facilities are located nearby. Also, in case of an emergency, help is available round-the-clock. She can let James watch his favorite sports in the apartment while she leads a more active life.

Marianne enjoys using the exercise bikes at the fitness center. She has always liked arts and crafts, so she visits the arts studio often. She also loves having afternoon tea with her friends. When her community offers movie nights and themed dinners, she and James go together.

James and Marianne have children and grandchildren nearby who are invited to special events in their community. Great entertainment, lovely decor, and delicious menus make these celebrations memorable. Everyone appreciates the staff’s creativity and attention to detail.  

Put Yourself in the Picture

Live in an Active Retirement Community


Are you most like Michael, Robin, James, or Marianne? You are probably a composite with some qualities that are uniquely your own. Like our made-up characters, you're sure to enjoy the luxury amenities and state-of-the-art facilities of a first-class retirement community.

Luxury retirement communities like LivGenerations provide a vibrant lifestyle for those interested in independent living. And if you need more help, our assisted living options allow you to lead a trouble-free life that is rich and satisfying.

If you could take the chores out of daily life, think of the things you could do instead. You could follow your interests, enjoy your hobbies, and find new passions. Plus, you could do all that without having to leave your community while in the company of like-minded people.

In a luxury senior living community like LivGenerations, you'll be able to create your own best life. So, isn't it time for you to learn more?