12 Ways to Stay Younger During Retirement

Posted on 08/25/2021

There are lots of ways to feel and stay younger during retirement. Your attitude and lifestyle choices can go a long way toward improving your quality of life and helping you stay happy and young.

Retirement doesn’t have to mean feeling old. From staying active to making connections with the people around you, there are plenty of opportunities for energetic and youthful living in your golden years. Here are just a few things that can help you look, feel, and act younger than ever after retirement.

1. Get a Pet

Adopting a little furry friend can provide companionship and security. Dog owners tend to be happier and lead healthier lifestyles than their pet-free counterparts. By getting a pet, you have a friend by your side every day.

Not only do pets help combat loneliness, but they can also motivate you to stay active. You can take walks in the park, play fetch in the backyard, and become more physically active with a pet to keep you moving.

2. Volunteer

Supporting a cause is an excellent way to get to know and interact with peers while giving back to the community. Feeling connected to the people and places around you is a great way to feel younger and happier. Depending on the organization, volunteering can also improve your endurance and boost strength, keeping you healthier.

Planning a field trip to plant trees with your friends or fundraise to support an animal shelter are excellent ways to volunteer. Use websites like VolunteerMatch to find opportunities for helping out with a cause that matters to you.

3. Find a Hobby

Try something new or pick up an old passion that you didn’t have time for when you were working around the clock. Dig out that old guitar and revive your love of music or go capture some amazing sunsets with that new camera. Crafts like pottery and painting are great ways to boost your mood and build a sense of accomplishment that takes years off your mind and body.

4. Get in Touch With Your Friends

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According to a study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, having stronger social connections could reduce your risk of premature death, stroke, and heart disease. Social connections aren’t just fun, they’re good for your health.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to connect with your friends these days. If you’ve lost touch with your high school friends, colleagues, or neighbors, it may be the perfect opportunity to reach out. You can reconnect with your buddies over the phone or through social media.

It's not just old friends that can help your physical and mental health either. Your new hobbies and volunteer opportunities are great ways to get to know new people and build fresh connections with friends of any age.

5. Spend Your Money on Experiences and Memories

The excitement of buying new things fades quickly. Memories and experiences, on the other hand, can last a lifetime.

Get out and spend your savings on things that matter. Trying out new adventures may improve your blood flow and give you a spike of mood-boosting endorphins. Spending money on an epic trip or a show may make you happier and feel younger and is ultimately more worthwhile than investing in material things.

6. Work on Your Body Posture

To stay younger, learn to listen to your body. You can improve your posture by moving around often or taking breaks to loosen your muscles. Always be conscious about the time you spend sitting or standing within the same spot.

If you feel any discomfort, it may be time to readjust your position. Simple stretches or yoga can improve your flexibility and reduce body pain. Working on your posture regularly will leave you feeling more youthful than ever.

7. Protect Your Skin

Daily exposure to sunlight can help to improve your energy, mood, and sleep quality. Getting some sun every day while taking a stroll in your neighborhood or reading a novel in your backyard can help you ward off depression symptoms. But too much sun exposure can come with risks if you’re not careful.

‌If you don’t use sunscreen regularly already, now’s the time to start. By wearing sunscreen every day, you can stay safe from harmful UV rays and help prevent skin issues like sunspots, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Protecting your skin will help you keep your youthful glow and allow you to make the most of your time soaking up the sun.

8. Act Young

There are many activities that you can slide into your to-do list that can make you act and feel young. Staying out late at night once in a while or trying a new recipe may be what you need to cultivate a youthful attitude.

Keeping up with modern technology, such as messaging your loved ones on social media, is another way to act young. Why not get on social media and message your relatives or learn something new online?

9. Laugh

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Did you know that people can underestimate your age when they see photos of you smiling? According to one study, participants who were shown photographs of individuals smiling assumed the individuals were approximately two years younger. So don’t worry about laugh lines, and keep finding reasons for joy every day.

10. Try Mental Aerobics

Mental aerobics can prevent cognitive decline. In fact, mental training can improve memory. Brain exercises can be critical in rewiring the entire brain. You can stay mentally younger if you challenge your brain to learn new skills and figure out problems.

There are lots of apps that you can download to improve your cognitive abilities. Sudoku and crossword puzzles are games you can engage in to exercise your brain, but simply switching up your day-to-day routine every once in a while can help you stay mentally agile too.

11. Listen to Your Favorite Tunes

Playing a track that you loved in your 20s is definitely one way to lift your spirits. You can instantly boost your mood and feel good when you listen to your all-time favorites. Whether it’s cherished albums from your youth or that song you heard on the radio last week, listening to music can do a lot to help improve your mood and energy.

12. Eat a Healthy Diet Image:

Research shows that eating junk food can increase the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Unhealthy foods may also lead to coronary heart disease, obesity, and skin deterioration.

It can feel so much easier to reach for the junk food some days, but healthy eating is essential for boosting energy, fighting disease, and even increasing lifespan. So try drinking some green tea, boosting your intake of healthy fats, increasing your daily portion of fruits and vegetables, getting rid of sugar, and drinking lots of water. Eating well can boost your immune system and help you stay younger for longer.

‌And don’t forget to pour yourself some red wine — red wine contains a compound known as resveratrol that has anti-aging properties. When drunk in moderation, the antioxidants found in red wine can boost healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

Unhealthy Habits to Quit for You to Stay Younger

It's important to be on the lookout for bad habits that may accelerate the aging process. Some habits may reverse your efforts to stay younger.

If you want to feel good, stay youthful, and be healthy, quitting smoking is a great place to start. Cigarette smoking can lead to sagging skin, since nicotine limits the flow of blood within the skin. Smoking cigarettes also damages your lungs and other body organs.

Not getting enough sleep can also have significant impacts on your mental and physical health. Adequate sleep can make you more attractive and healthier. It gives your body time to repair, refresh, and reset. You’ll boost your mood, reduce stress, and improve your social interactions if you are able to get enough sleep every single night.

Lastly, be sure to stay hydrated, especially as you boost your activity levels. Water protects the skin from dryness, improves metabolism, and boosts energy levels. Going without water for a while can lead to fatigue, headaches, and dehydration. You are more likely to get wrinkles if your skin is always dry.

It’s Never Too Late to Feel Younger

Feeling youthful has many perks for older adults. The physical activities you cultivate and the foods you eat can completely transform your life. They can help you to live longer and happier as you age. Your lifestyle choices can also significantly impact how you feel, giving you opportunities to grow and thrive well into retirement.

Everyone eventually grows old, but there are lots of ways to stay younger and feel good while you age. Having a community like LivGenerations can make you stay active, connected, and youthful at any age. With LivGenerations, you can stay close to your friends and family while taking advantage of the vibrant living atmosphere, building social connections, and discovering new ways to feel young every day.