7 Reasons to Reach For Your Goals in Retirement (Elevato Focus)

Posted on 09/08/2021

Having a job can come with a sense of purpose and financial security, but it can also come with a cost and limited possibilities for how you are able to live. Decisions like where you live, when and for how long you can vacation, and whether or not you can make it to special occasions are all the so called "price" you will have to pay. However, the decision to retire means the ends to these constraints. With retirement, the possibilities are endless. Who wouldn't look forward to it with eager anticipation?

However, retirement isn't really about the things you no longer have to do. It's about doing the things you want to do.

Of course, you need financial security in order to retire. It's never too early to start saving and building your retirement accounts. But it's also not too early to start thinking about your retirement plans. What will your retired life look like? Visualizing your perfect later retirement life can help you stay on track financially.

What do you want the next stage of your life to look like? Check out these seven reasons to reach your retirement goals.

1. Escape From the Mundane

You've spent enough time worrying about whether the grass needs to be cut or the dishwasher needs to be replaced. When you reach retirement age, it's time to spend your time doing more exciting things!

It's possible to have a living arrangement that frees you from upkeep and simplifies your life. Find the right community, and you'll only have to choose between fun option #1, exciting option #2, and relaxing option #3.

2. Follow Your Passion

Ordinary life demands that we make practical decisions. Maybe you always wanted to know how to play the guitar or grow orchids, but ordinary life got in the way. You didn't have hours to practice, and your orchids would have died while you were away on business.

Retirement is different. You don't have to be practical. You can pursue a passion without worrying that it's going to interfere with your other responsibilities. So go ahead. Start shopping for that Fender, or learn the difference between a Dendrobium and a Cymbidium.

3. Make New Friends

Make New Friends

During their careers, most people make friends with those they work with, or with those in their neighborhoods, churches, or clubs. Those friends can be precious. But many adults go years without making a new friend.

In retirement, you can cultivate friends who share your passions, who pique your interest, or who simply seem simpatico. You''ll not only enjoy yourself but also boost your health. The benefits of an active social life are well documented. Being with friends keeps the brain sharp and fosters emotional health.

4. Build a Healthier Lifestyle

Health can take a hit during your working years. It can be hard to balance the demands of a job with your need to exercise and eat right. Work-related stress can also be hard on your health and well-being.

When you retire and have time to form good habits, you may find that they bring you great joy. You'll have time to explore foods that enhance health and longevity that also taste great. You'll discover the rewards of exercise. And having new friends who share your healthy habits — that's the icing on the cake, or maybe the seasoning on the kale.

5. Live Where You Want to Live

If your job has dictated where you live, retirement can give you the chance to explore other options. Move to be closer to family, or find a location you like with the amenities you want. Want to be near a golf course, great shopping, or a cool lineup of restaurants? You can make it happen.

Perhaps you want a sleek new apartment, an on-site gym, or a beautiful swimming pool that you don't have to maintain. Retirement is your chance to explore resort-style living every day of the year.

6. Stay Connected to Those You Love Most

Stay Connected to Those You Love Most

If stress has come between you and your spouse or partner, retirement is your chance to rediscover each other. You'll find that spending stress-free time together is great for restoring emotional intimacy. You'll have time to go for long walks and enjoy leisurely conversations. You can also find new interests to share. Take a cooking class, learn about wine, or take up bridge. Shared interests will bring you closer together.

Retirement is also a chance to get closer to your children, grandchildren, and other family members. It can also bring opportunities to reconnect with old friends. You'll have time for phone calls and video chats. And when you've found a really awesome place to live, you can bet they will want to visit.

7. Enjoy Financial Security

When you retire, you want to leave financial worries behind. That means making the most of your last years on the job and maximizing your retirement savings and retirement income. Your financial advisor can help you reach your retirement goals by taking these steps:

  • Check on your Social Security benefits. Be sure that your earnings history is correct so that you'll receive all the benefits you've earned.
  • Continue to make IRA contributions if you are eligible. You'll increase your savings and lower your legal tax burden.
  • Consider a Roth IRA. You can enjoy tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawals as part of a sound investment strategy.
  • Look into long-term care insurance. The cost of policies can go up sharply as your age increases.
  • Maximize your nest egg. If your savings accounts aren't earning much interest, consider stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Your financial planner can help you with investment strategies, or help you start saving for retirement.

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