LivGeneration is CARF Accredited!

Posted on 08/08/2022

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, commonly known as CARF International, was established in 1966 to offer an impartial and non-profit accrediting system for health and human services. They maintain high expectations for the institutions they certify, requiring that they are dedicated to continuous improvement in patient care and operational efficiency.

CARF standards are always changing to keep up with the most cutting-edge procedures and technology. After consulting with physicians, insurance companies, patients and their families, and government oversight organizations, they established a standard of care that transcends national borders and looks for high-quality care in every corner of the globe.

A CARF accreditation is a certification that an organization has met the requirements of today, as well as those for tomorrow. It signifies an organization's dedication not only to contemporary standards, but also to continuously looking for ways to improve the company and care quality in order to satisfy future needs.

A CARF certification is an assurance that a health care organization has met certain standards and demonstrated its commitment to using technology and improved efficiency in order to keep healthcare expenditures low while still providing the greatest possible care for those it serves.

Achieving Excellence at LivGenerations

The goal of the LivGenerations organization was to get all of their facilities CARF Accreditation. They had to examine their company and healthcare procedures and make them compliant with CARF requirements in order to achieve this goal.

CARF began an intensive accreditation process once the LivGenerations facilities believed they had reached that objective. During this time, every aspect of the organization was evaluated. After any needed adjustments were made, the LivGenerations facilities were accredited by CARF, and recommendations for improving care and business practices were provided.

These ideas were part of the agreement that LivGenerations made to continuously look for improvement in all areas of their business.

A CARF Accreditation Guarantees Quality of Life

You have a lot of alternatives when you start looking for the ideal location to spend your golden years or if you are a child of a senior and want to know that they will be cared for properly. It can be difficult to determine which options best suit your needs.

The goal of LivGenerations was to obtain CARF accreditation not because it would make a good headline but rather because they wanted to learn how to provide the best care at the best cost for everyone concerned. A CARF accreditation not only implies that the organization is dedicated to providing excellent medical care and human services but also that it adheres to industry best practices.

The Importance of Business Practices for Residents

A CARF-accredited facility's residents are proud of the high level of efficiency and the aim of continuous improvement. First, insurers are more ready to pay for care since facilities are committed to reducing costs without compromising quality. This takes a lot off the shoulders of both residents and their families.

Another advantage of a wellness center is that it will focus on the overall health and well-being of its residents. They would rather finance activities, events, and classes to maintain the body and mind in good working order than pay for treatment when whole-body wellness isn't attained.

A healthy body and mind are linked. This is something that CARF, as well as the people at LivGenerations, understand. They don't simply want their clients to survive; they want them to flourish. To achieve this, as well as retain their CARF accreditation, they are continually striving to provide their residents with a full and exciting life.

The CARF Seal

Look for the CARF seal of approval when searching for an active senior community. Of course, this does not guarantee that the facility has everything you need to live a happy and healthy life, but it does indicate that the organization is dedicated to giving its residents the tools and living space they require to thrive.

The CARF seal indicates that everyone in the organization, from the stakeholders to the maintenance personnel, has a shared vision. They wish to keep their clients in good mental and physical health so they can continue participating actively in their community.

Schedule a tour of one of the LivGenerations communities near you. Inquire about the difficulties that would come with living there, as well as how your lifestyle and health will be impacted. You could discover that they have everything you seek.